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It is important to Northbay Garage Doors that you are happy with your door choice for years to come.  We are happy to help customers choose the right door for their particular home style, location and budget.  Feel free to Contact Us for assistance.  For those who would like to research products on their own, please visit our Sales page which contains information and brochure links for each door.

From custom estates to tract housing to barns to seaside villas, Sonoma County houses are suited to garage doors manufactured in a variety of materials and styles.  We offer dozens of door models, with multiple panel designs and window design options in a variety of glass types.  Because we are dedicated to matching each garage door to each customer’s specific needs, we do not stock an inventory of doors. 

We do, however, stock a large selection of repair parts including long life torsion springs.  Our Repair Services page explains the advantage of hiring Northbay Garage Doors to replace your broken garage door springs and perform other garage door maintenance and repairs.

Matt's Tips
for a
Healthy Garage Door
"It is important not to operate your door or opener when they are not functioning properly. The springs on a garage door are intended to do the majority of the lifting to open the door. If there is a problem with the springs,or the door itself, the opener / operator will be forced to work extra hard to open (or close) the door. Using the opener when the door is in need of service or repair is unsafe. The door could drop unexpectedly. The opener can strip internal gears, strip its trolly or carriage and/or damage your door. Often times the first sign of a problem with your garage door or opener is a strange noise during operation."